Seeking balance. This is the guideline of our creative process. Balance between aesthetics, comfort, quality and price

A price that pays fairly the craftsmen we have been working with for more than 10 years. And a price that allows us to offer you sustainable and perfectly designed products. So that year after year, you can wear your MI/MAI with everlasting confidence and pride.

Because we dare think that the fast-fashion era is coming to an end, towards a more sustainable way of consuming, where we would buy less, and better.



At MI/MAI, we also think that overproducing is a folly that drains resources and depreciates goods. 

Thus, we prefer small series to mass productions. Our stocks, and therefore our promotions are limited, which makes every pair of MI/MAI even more exclusive

The world evolves at a fascinating pace and luckily ethical and environmental standards progress fast. MI/MAI wants to take part in these progresses and our teams wonder daily how to decrease our impact.

Since the Spring Summer 2019 collection, we have therefore started to work on high quality vegan materials (on the 2 styles Noa & Ginny Gold), that perfectly imitates leather, from its look to its suppleness. The beauty and the success of these 2 styles incites us to keep up being open and explore new solutions, in order to limit our activity's footprint, without compromising on our products' excellence.

We hope we will have the pleasure of walking on with you for many more years, during which we will get better together.

Best regards from Paris,

The MI/MAI Team